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-Spicy Ranch Water- is what we're Sippin' this weekend!!!

Kickin' off the Reno Rodeo with one of our favorite tequila drinks. It is light & refreshing with a little kick, and easy to make. It's a win win in our books!

How to make the best Spicy Ranch Water
Spicy Ranch Water


- 2oz Tequila

- 1 lime, squeezed

- 4 to 5oz Topo Chico

- lime wedge & Jalapeno for garnish

- tajin rim


  1. Rim glass with lime juice and roll in tajin

  2. To add less heat, take the seeds out of the jalapenos, gently muddle, try not to tear or crush up the jalapenos.

  3. Fill the glass with ice

  4. Squeeze in the lime juice

  5. Pour in tequila

  6. Fill to the top with Topo Chico and stir

  7. Garnish with lime & jalapenos

Here are a few tips for making your very best Spicy Ranch Waters!

- Take the extra time and squeeze your own fresh lime juice. I promise this will make a huge difference in the taste of any cocktail.

- We suggest you use Blanco tequila. This type of tequila hasn't been aged, it's clear, and has a little bit of spicy finish.

- Topco Chico is the classic mineral water used in ranch water cocktails. It has extra carbonation which makes the drink extra fizzy and delicious!

Lets get to Sippin'

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Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis

Spicy Ranch Water is super refreshing!!!


Benjamin Brower
Benjamin Brower

Roaming sips always dishing out premium beverages… truly a cut above the rest. Visited them during their recent Ballon event in Gardnerville, their specialty craft cocktails and Hazy beer on tap were fantastic!

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